No airplane can take off without a flight plan, no ship should sail without a plotted course, and I believe no family should contemplate a successful financial journey, especially across more than one generation, without some sort of comprehensive financial, investment, and estate plan.  No one actually plans to fail financially; it's just that most people fail to plan.  - Nick Murray


At Klein Wealth we take this to heart.  We are firm believers that everything we do starts with a quality financial plan.  Our job is to help clients like you make such a comprehensive plan... and then guide them through the completion of that plan, year after year.  Then it becomes a question of giving the plan enough time, enough money, and enough faith.  We will update the plan as often as needed and will never change it just for the sake of changing it.  It will become the foundation of everything we do for you.


At the human level, planning is almost always less complicated and easier to do than people expect.


We start by assessing where you are: what you own, what you owe, what you earn, and what your expenses are.  This is simply collecting baseline data: it doesn't deal with where you are going or how you are going to get there.  What it does do is give us a clear, and shared, understanding of the very first thing you have to know in any journey: exactly where you are starting from.


Once the financial plan takes form, we will work up an personalized investment plan for you.  An investment plan we feel has the proper level of risk for your situation and also the ability to produce the kinds of long-term returns needed.  Our portfolios use a combination of Dr. Harry Markowitz's Nobel winning Modern Portfolio Theory and our own proprietary investment process, Tactical Portfolio Theory.


Finally, we will let the accountants and attorneys work out the technical end: wills, trusts, and the like.  Once completed, there will be your and your family's comprehensive plan.


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