Klein Wealth Management, Inc. was founded in 2010 and is based locally in Woodland Hills, CA.


Our investment process is centered around building a well-diversified foundation for each client and their investment portfolio.  We construct portfolios using a combination of Harry Markowitz's Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory and Tactical Portfolio Theory.

In a world where far too many Investment Advisors do not have a plan for a down market, Klein Wealth Management is different.  

We believe that "Trust Us" and "Stay The Course" are not acceptable options for our clients.

We have conducted research on over 50 years of daily market data and have created a responsive, rules-based, time-tested plan to reduce stock market exposure when necessary.

Clients of KWM know what it takes for us to reduce their exposure to stocks.  We have a plan for Bull Markets.  We have a plan for Bear Markets.  We have a plan for you.


With a single no-obligation 15-minute telephone call, we can explain our Investment Process.

  • What we do.

  • How we do what we do.

  • How we take the emotions and guesswork out of your investment decisions.

  • If we can reduce your overall investment fees.

  • How we can add value to your current situation. 

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